Life Lately #4

It seems that things have finally settled into a much smoother rhythm the past couple weeks and being a family of 5 (still sounds like a lot of people) has been so much fun.  The house is never quiet.  I take that back.  There was one day where everyone, including Lennie, napped at the same time.  It only lasted for about 45 minutes, but it is an occurrence that deserves recognition. 
Here is a look at what our life at the Alvarez Zoo looks like lately.
Last time we caught up, we were thinking Dylie was teething which was causing his fever.  Turns out it was Strep.  They said it was so bad that he had puss on his tonsils…sorry if you were eating while reading this.  It was torture trying to get his meds down because his throat was in so much pain, but we made it a team effort and he was finally on the mend a day or two later.
We were so excited to finally see our Dylie that we love and know back to normal after a week of misery.
I love that I was finally able to get a photo of all of my babe together.  These are so priceless to me because they almost NEVER happen.
After we finally got Dylan healthy, Little Miss came down with some nasty chest congestion that required breathing treatments, as Z-Pack and allergy meds.  It took us 6 weeks, but she is finally healthy too.  We just can’t seem to stay ahead of all the illness flying around now a days.
In happy news: I bought my ticket to SNAP Conference for 2014 and am so excited!  I went for the first time last year and had a blast.  I am even more excited to not be pregnant this time!
You can’t tell by this photo, but the boys were so stoked to meet “Red” at Carsland the other day.  We seriously love Disneyland…season passes are the best investment we’ve ever made.  The family that plays together, stays together!
This happens every couple of years.  #kitchenbeautician
I got bangs!!!  Big news, I know!
I captured this gem the other day and I love looking at it.  Dylan was playing so nicely and Kennie was so content to just lay there and watch him.
We took family photos for my new blog design and Shari caught this cute photo of Kennie and I.  We love to be surprised!
As you know, the boys were the Child Detection Agency for Halloween so naturally they had to wear their costumes to Disneyland to ride the Monsters Inc ride.
My BFF Jen who recently moved to Utah came into town for 24 hours and we had a girls nigh in San Diego.  It was so much fun staying up way to late chatting in person instead of on the phone.
Big News: Our ward boundaries (the geographic group we go to church with) were realigned and lots of my friends are now at different buildings or different times.  What is left of my original ward has now been renamed, mixed with some new friends and moved to another building.  We missed each other so the old FV3 girls got together for breakfast at our usual joint: Corner Bakery
Gavin had his first ever school picture day and this is what he came up with.  Adorable don’t you think?!  We were shocked that he even sat for a photo, let alone smile. 
Here is Gav sporting my latest Printed Palette purchase.  If you need him, he will be in his Tee Pee.
Our good friends daughter is going with some difficult health issues so I released a limited edition set of nail decals to raise money for their travel to Boston for her heart surgery.  So far we have raised about $1500 through sales and donations.  I will still be selling them through the holidays so you can purchase some HERE if you want to help out.  If you would like to read any updates HERE is the link to their blog.
I finally got Kennie sleeping in her crib…just in time for her to learn how to roll over.  Now I can’t swaddle her so she won’t fall asleep because her legs and arms are either flailing around or she rolls to her tummy and freaks out.  Back to our bed it is.
News Flash: I got dressed!!!!
Kennie was so proud of herself for rolling over. 
Our sweet Munchie turned 4!  It seems so old.
Last night was our Elevate Favorite Things Party at The Printed Palette.  I am still recovering from all the fun.  It was seriously amazing: such a fun group of girls, uber pretty packaging and the most creative $5 gifts I ever did see.
There you have it, the past month in photos.  What have you been up to?  Anything exciting?


  1. Aside from being sick, it looks like life lately had been good. Don’t you just love capturing precious moments?! :) You have a beautiful family! I’ve always thought I wanted a third baby, I just don’t know if I could handle 3! Tons of props to yo

  2. To you!** sorry I’m commenting from my phone!

  3. Gavin looks just like Lennie! I am so happy to hear the whole crew is feeling better this week! I was just going through my wedding photos (again) and I will have to send you the pics of you and the girls, miss you all so much! Are you excited for Snap? I think I am just going to head to Elevate and Blogher this year!

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