The Magic of Christmas

I really hate to admit it, but I have not been in the holiday mood this year at all.  I feel like I have been running and going constantly and hate that feeling.  There have not been enough hours in the day to accomplish all that the days have been requiring.  I’ve been pulling late nights, many times not getting to bed till 2 or 3 am and I seriously could have stayed up all night without crossing off everything on my “to do” list.  It’s a miserable way to spend the weeks leading up to Christmas. 
I knew that today was going to be another one of those crazy days of rushing around like a crazy person trying to fulfill all my commitments: filling orders, resending lost orders, getting the boys matching outfits for the Christmas parties, getting the boys hair cuts just in case we managed to talk them into sitting on Santa’s lap, ordering our Christmas cards, making a dish for the church Christmas party, wrapping gifts for the “friends” Christmas party and maybe catch a shower in there somewhere.
I prepped myself to hurry the family through our “friends” party so we could get to the church one since I am on the committee who put the whole thing together.  We walked in the first party seconds before Santa arrived, my expectations were low, but my hopes were high.  We have been prepping Gav for weeks to try and get him on board with a little one on one time with the big guy.  All attempts at a visit with Santa were met with a melt down followed by a quick exit to avoid a scene.  Well today, this happened….

The only way to explain today is Magical!  The boys were so excited to see Santa and tell him all about what they wanted him to bring: Gav- Monorail Train, Monorail Train, MONORAIL TRAAAAAAAAIN!!!  Dylan- Mama Choo Choo (pretty sure that is his way of copying big brother’s monorail request since he wants everything Gav wants).  At one point Gav was even riding Santa around like a horsie. 

 If today didn’t put me in the holiday mood, nothing could.  It’s a good thing I’m totally on board!  Sending out the last of my orders today and finishing off my last Pollinate campaigns for the year and clocking out for a week or two to make some more magical memories with my favorite humans.  Hope you have a magical Christmas as well!



  1. It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!

    Maybe Gav is just really good at sniffing out imposters. Perhaps they smelled of Beef and Cheese.

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