WIW: Back on the Wagon with Sage & Harper

If I were to say that I’m 100% comfortable in this post baby numero tres body, it would be a bold face lie.  Lies I tell you!  Okay rant over.  I’d almost given up hope of fitting into my “expensive, non Old Navy” pre baby jeans.  It could have been the cupcakes for lunch or the McDonald’s for dinner or even the late night ice cream, but for some reason I could not get that stubborn scale to budge and what’s even stranger…my “post partum” jeans were even getting tight.  Yea, I’ve never claimed to be the quickest kid on the block.

I was telling myself that I just really loved to eat those things, they made me happy and I just wasn’t ready to be miserable for the sake of fitting into my jeans.  Well, fast forward to yesterday (2 weeks into eating right and joining a gym after 4 years of inactivity) I was driving home from the gym and thinking about things and I realized I had been emotional eating.
When I was happy: cupcakes it is!
When I was sad: licorice lunch!
When I was overwhelmed with motherhood and a 5 month old that would wake every 3 hours to eat: it was reality T.V. and Sundaes!
I was unhappy with my body and making every excuse under the sun as to why I just didn’t have time to take care of myself.

2 weeks ago I decided I’m done. 
 I’m done making excuses. 
 I’m done feeling self conscious. 
I’m done hoping people don’t think my baby belly is actually a baby IN my belly. 
 I’m done missing what I once had.

(earrings given to me by the adorable Nichelle at Elevate last year)
So now I’m ready peeps!
I’m ready to have more energy.
I’m ready for some “me time” at the gym.
I’m ready to start dancing again…I miss it so much, it’s makes my soul happy
I’m ready to try new things (this is big, I HATE trying new food…I fear that I will literally die of not liking the taste of something.)
It’s time to take care of ME!

Okay, enough about me…let’s talk about this Sage and Harper bag!  Ugh, I love it like my 4th child and find excuses to use it even if there is just a lip gloss and keys inside.

I am obsessed with how long the shoulder strap is and how comfortable it is when wearing it across my body.  And the pockets!  Pockets for days people, finally no more keys lost in the black hole of my other purses.

 Button down & Jeans: Old Navy /  Grey T-shirt and Converse: Kohls

In other news: Lennie and I have been eating grain and dairy free so if you have any favorite Paleo recipes let’er rip!
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  1. Hi sweet girl:) I definitely understand about getting back to taking care of yourself like you’re meant to. You can do it. And I can’t wait to see the amazing strides you’ll make. And paleo recipes? Check Absolute Mommy’s postfix earlier this week – a book on paleo with recipes!!

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