Life Lately #5

Wow, I looked back at the last time I did a Life Lately post…3 months ago!  I guess we have some catching up to do.  I’ll try to keep things brief.

December started with a family tradition…Candy making with the Kerr girls.

(that’s right, I said December.  told you we had some catching up to do)

We celebrated an amazing 2013 with the Pollinate team.  These girls are so much fun, you all should see the shenanigans we get into over group text.  #weneedarealityshow

We enjoyed Christmas time at Disneyland so so much.  It was just magical.  I loved staying late to watch fireworks and see the “snow” fall.

We took a family vacation/adventure to our family cabin in Big Bear.  It involved mice, air mattresses, no heat, snow, rain, fires in the fireplace and so many laughs.

Kennie turned half a year old…insert crying emoji.

The boys finally understood “Santa” and were so amazed by him.  Gavin may have rode him like a horse and Dylan may have been hitting on his elf.

It was 80 degrees on Christmas

My favorite Christmas gift was this apron that my Great Grandmother made.

I got to enjoy a much needed getaway with some very good friends and Lennie rocked tackling the clan while I was gone.

Sadly the Chargers did not make it to the Super Bowl…again

Nailed It got a little make over

Lennie and I made some healthy lifestyle changes and I stepped out of my comfort zone to do some things that are good for me…like yoga

My Dad is still awesome, no change there

Kennie turned 7 months and my heart broke for just a second as I looked at this comparison.  Seeing your child grow up causes so many conflicting feelings.  I love to see her develop and explore the world, but I long to hold and snuggle that little newborn for just a little while longer.

I lost a couple lbs and gain a whole lot more self esteem.

I refinished this amazing highchair for Kennie and she loves sitting in it because it means there will soon be food in her belly.  A full belly makes Kennie a very happy girl.

I finally made this house a little more like HOME.

I took the kids to walk around the temple grounds for the first time.  Something I will always remember.

We sadly lost Lennie’s Grandma Vera, but grew stronger and closer as a family.

We were without hot water forEVER…okay, maybe 4 days.  But it felt like forever when you have to heat water on the stove for sink baths.

We are one step closer to being a diaper free family!

These boys made me smile like a million times.

We made baby soup in the bathtub…secret ingredient: adorable babes.

We have become more mindful of taking time to enjoy little moments of perfection in each day.

wheeew.  We made it!  Thanks for stickin’ around.  What have y’all been up to?


  1. awe!!! i loved this :) you have been BUSY!!! hope all is well over there :) you’re looking fantastic!

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