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Confessions of a Blogger Mom: I’m Faking It

Well it’s time for another installment of  “Confessions of a Blogger Mom”. 
You can check out all my past confessions here.  
Be warned: They are juicy little secrets!

 I’ve been talking to Jen a lot lately about SNAP Conference and trying ease her concerns about stepping out of her comfort zone to attend this conference.  She makes me laugh when she says, “I’m not like you, I’m really shy.”

News Flash!!!  I am PAINFULLY shy!  Like crazy shy.  Like I didn’t go to church for 10 years because I was too shy to walk into a room by myself.  Like I will arrive at an event late just so that I can sneak in and go sit in a corner by myself and pretend that I am doing stuff on my phone so I don’t look like a total loser sitting by myself.  Yea, that shy.

I let it rule my life for YEARS!  Until I started dancing professional for the NBA and NFL.  We were thrown in a uniform and let loose in a room full of strangers and assigned to “mingle” for 2 hours!!!  My worst nightmare.  Something funny started to happen though.  My uniform was more like a super hero costume to me.  When I was in it, I could go up to people and start conversations.  I was proud to enter a room full of people.  I enjoyed hearing their stories.  It was easier because it wasn’t ME.  

This photo is soooo not me or my personality, but you gotta fake it till you make it

It wasn’t Summer.  It was Summer the Charger Girl.  It was safe because it was “superficial”.  They had a preconceived notion of who I was because of how I looked.  But I was faking it.  I wasn’t Summer the Charger Girl, I was just plain ole’ Summer.  My hair wasn’t really that color, my eyelashes weren’t really that long, I wasn’t really that tan and my boobs were certainly not that big {thank you Vicki’s Secret!}

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it was a bad thing.  It was in fact a huge influence on who I am today.  I am still painfully shy, but being in those situations taught me how to kind of flip a switch.  I make a decision every time I’m put in a situation like networking, going to blog events, meeting new people in general.  I can either be that shy girl that I am deep down or I can take charge of my shyness and start those conversations.  
My very favorite people to be around are those who are confident, ask me questions about myself, make me feel important.  I am not that kind of person by nature, but I want people to want to be around me, to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, to feel important so I try to be that person instead of the shy girl.  You know what’s funny?  The more I do that, the more I become that person.  Little by little, interaction by interaction I loose a little bit of the insecurity.  It is still a huge part of who I am, but instead of letting it define me I am choosing to redefine who I am and how I interact with others.
I encourage you to step just a teeny, tiny millimeter outside of your comfort zone each day. 
Do something that terrifies you! 
If you wish you could be different, the BE DIFFERENT! 
The only thing standing in your way is YOU!

Oh yeah, and if I don’t shave my armpits every. single. day I get a rash.  Yuck!
Had to throw that in there, didn’t want to be too serious cause that’s not me either.