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What I Wore: I Wish It Was Already Wednesday

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I really wish it were Wednesday and it’s been a minute since my last WIW post so here goes nothin’!


Sweater: Old Navy / Belt: Came with some other shirt / Tights: Target / Shoes: Jessica Simpson via / Bracelet: Guess / Necklace: Groop Dealz {forgot what shop} / Hair Clip: Whippy Cake
 Funny story about this dress… We had a sweep n’ swap night with the youth from church.  The girls played broom hockey and brought a bunch of stuff that they no longer wanted.  We laid out all the clothes they brought and it was kind of a free for all grab n’ dash.  Well, this lonely grey dress never got picked.  I tried it on, it fit and just like that it came home to live in my closet.  I love her.
 Summer + Lennie = Love
 I heart Whippy Cake almost as much as I love Becki from Whippy Cake.  She is super rad!
 Are you liking the change in scenery?  This is the little street that we live on.  I finally got up the courage to step out of my door way and into public.  Makes for a much prettier picture!

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