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What’s In A Name

I am starting the redesign process of my blog for my move to WordPress {shhh, don’t tell blogger that I’m cheating on her}.  I have been toying around with the idea of dropping the “Made By” in my blog title.  When I originally started my blog it was going to be a DIY blog and my shop was going to have traditional handmade items.  It’s funny how both of those things have taken on their own development to spite my best efforts to stay on my path of original intention.
This blog has been a place where I share more than a delicious recipe or free printable.  Sure you’ll find a great décor tutorial and some tips on how to spruce up your Fall wardrobe.  But this is also the place where I have shared my heart about the journey we have gone through with Gavin’s therapy, where I have admitted my deepest insecurities and where I journal life as we know it as a family of three, then a family of four and now as a family of five. 
This is my place to sort out my emotions and gain support, my place where I can put on a front of “I got this parenting thing in bag” while really I am struggling to keep my head above water and then break down the next day and tell you all about how I sucked at life yesterday.  I get to talk about the lessons I am learning about marriage and how to strengthen it, I get to share “selfies” when I actually catch a shower and a blow dry and most importantly, this is where my peeps are … my readers, my community, my friends.
When I asked you guys, my friends, today what you thought about shortening my name to just “Munchie’s Mama” and you suggested that I consider changing the title to something new, I was blown away at the fact that you all see me as so much more than Gavin’s Mom.  You saw the person behind all those posts I described above and it made be realize how far this blog has come.
I seriously consider it … something completely new that is.  After an emergency session with my therapist {Jen} I decided to stick with Munchie’s Mama and just leave out the “Made By”.  Here is why.
To me the title of Munchie’s Mama does describe all those things you see me as.  Before I was Dylan’s Mom or Kennedy’s Mom, I was my little Munchie’s Mama.  He was my first, he made me a Mom, he allowed me to fulfill my God given potential to do this oh so important job.  It’s because of the fact that I am Munchie’s Mama that I am able to share my mistakes wisdom about parenting and share about the transition that marriage has taken for Lennie and I.  It’s because of our therapy journey with Gavin that I have been able to help other mother’s wondering where to start and if they should even start in the first place.  It’s those hard days with him that have helped me use baking and creating as a little therapy for myself. 
To me the title of “Munchie’s Mama” is perfection.
{Thank you all so so much for your input.  I love and respect you all and am so honored that you would take a moment to share your thoughts.  Hugs and Kisses and Smiley emoticons to you all}