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Waz Uuuuuuup!

Life has started to get even more crazy, busy than it usually is.  With the addition of 5 holiday boutiques to my Fall calendar it seems like Christmas will be just around the corner.  You know how time flies when you are trying to prep for market.  There have been some fun and exciting things going on in the life of Munchie’s Mama and I thought it might be good to tell you a little bit about Waz Up with me.{anyone else remember those annoying beer commercials with the Waz Uuuuuuup guys? Annoying:yes, brilliant marketing: obviously if I can recall them 10 years later}

Lennie and I just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary with a trip to Palm Springs {sans kids} and had a great time filled with good food, great weather and SHOPPING!

 It is so crazy to be talking with other mommy friends about PRESCHOOL!  What?!  How is this happening?  I am thinking about starting Gavin in January at a school that most of the kids from our church go to so he can have some buddies.  That is of course if we can A) get a spot and B) tackle potty training which is happening at the end of the month.  How do I have a kid old enough for preschool and potty training…denial!

I just bought my ticket to SNAP Conference this morning and am so extremely excited and surprisingly not a bit nervous.  It’s strange really.  The only excuse for this rare occurrence is the comfort that there are so many wonderful women that I get to “talk” to and interact through social media with on a daily basis that I imagine it’s going to be like hanging with a bunch of girl friends that I’ve known forever, but just don’t get to see that often.  Are you going?  Leave your blog link below so we can chat!

Last, but certainly not least I am so excited to share some awesome news with you all.  NO, I’m not “expecting” like pretty much all of blog land, but this is almost as good!  I am officially working with Pollinate Media Group as their Community Manager and as a Campaign Manager.  

I am one of Pollinates biggest cheerleaders and have loved working with them as a blogger on a couple of campaigns for Cost Plus World Market.  Now I get to be hands on with helping to spread the word about this awesome company and the fabulous opportunities they provide blogs of all sizes to work with today’s and tomorrow’s leading brands.  
If you haven’t already applied to be part of the Pollinate Community DO IT NOW!  They have so many great campaigns with companies like World Market, Child to Cherish, People Magazine and more coming up in the next few weeks.  You do not want to miss out!

So that is what I’ve been up to the last week or so.  Waz Up with you?!  Anything exciting or boring going on in your life?  Are you going to SNAP or some other conference?  How are you adjusting to the kids being back in school?  Are you sick of this crazy heat and longing for the chill of Fall?  Leave me a comment so we can chat.